SNSD Sooyoung's Boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho Cutely Acts Jealous Over Girlfriend & Kim Dae Myung's Conversation

The relationship of actor Jung Kyung Ho & SNSD Sooyoung will truly make you say, "I want what they have!" On a TV broadcast, the couple shared a sneak peek of their usual conversation và natural chemistry through a call. Just then, actor Kim Dae Myung also talked with the female idol, which caused Kyung Ho to playfully show his jealousness.

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On the cable channel, tvN"s "Three Meals a Day: Doctors," the casts Jung Kyung Ho and Kim Dae Myung enjoyed the sunset while sharing chicken and beer in the countryside.

In particular, the spin-off collaboration show features the casts of the hit Korean drama, "Hospital Playlist," wherein celebrities cooked their meals from scratch and enjoy the food in a rented house in the countryside.

During its latest broadcast on the 29th, Jung Kyung Ho showed his jealous side và playfully acted lượt thích a "furious" man lớn Kim Dae Myung, who talked cutely with his girlfriend Sooyoung.

The episode attracted attention from fans due lớn the couple"s cute và natural chemistry, who even developed a "telepathy" just by thinking about each other.

Sooyoung & Jung Kyung Ho Shows Unrelenting Love and Cuteness through a Call


(Photo : Sooyoung and Kyung Ho (News1))

In the broadcast, the two actors decided to eat their meal outside their rented countryside house and admire the sunset.

While looking at the spectacular view, Jung Kyung Ho was suddenly reminded by her girlfriend Sooyoung.

"Who Choi Sooyoung would really love this," Kyung Ho said while taking photos of the scenery.

As if the two communicated through their thoughts, Sooyoung suddenly called the actor, which surprised Jung.

"Oh Jagiya (honey), I was looking at the sunset saying you would love this & you suddenly called," the actor replied as he showed the scene to the actress.


(Photo : Kyung Ho and Dae Myung (News1))

As a response, viewers" expressed how their hearts melted when the actor called Sooyoung "honey" which is apparently their gọi sign.

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"Wow, he called her "jagiya," "Why is he so sweet," "Did he just say Sooyoung reminds him of the sunset? How sweet," mạng internet users also commented.

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Kim Dae Myung "Angered" Jung Kyung Ho for Talking Cutely with Girlfriend SNSD Sooyoung


(Photo : sooyoung (News1))

As the broadcast went on, viewers also laugh at the actor, who was "furious" at actor Kim Dae Myung, who spoke cutely khổng lồ her girlfriend, Girl"s Generation, and actress Soo-young.

"What are you doing? You two?," Sooyoung asked.

"I"m eating chicken & beer with Dae Myung, "Jung replied.

"Where did you get the chicken?," the female idol followed up, và Dae Myung then entered the scene by cutely responding, "We bought it in front of the terminal (cutely mentioned the chicken"s store)."


(Photo : Kyung Ho (News1))

As Sooyoung và Dae Myung cutely nod khổng lồ each other, Kyung Ho suddenly transformed into a jealous boyfriend after noticing Dae Myung"s gestures.

"Why are you talking so cutely like that lớn my... Girlfriend?" Jung playfully asked which immediately drew laughter.

So Kim Dae Myeong was puzzled & asked if he can"t talk cutely and the actor again asked him not to talk in that manner with his girlfriend.


(Photo : Kyung Ho và Dae Myung (News1))

To Kim"s defense, he explained that the atmosphere is good, the reason why he felt like talking cutely. Fortunately, Jung accepted his reason, avoiding trouble for Kin Dae Myung.

Meanwhile, Jung Kyung Ho & Sooyoung have been dating for about 10 years since 2012 & are known for being the longest-standing celebrity couple.

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