Seraph of the over Season 2 which was called Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen aired for the first time on October 10, 2015, just after the giant success of season 1.

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"Seraph of the End," which is also known as "Owari no Serafu" in Japanese, is a dark fantasy manga series written và created by Takaya Kagami và Daisuke Furuya. Yamato Yamamoto illustrates the famous anime series. It was back in 2012 on September 3 when "Seraph of the End" was published for the first time. Soon it was taken up khổng lồ be made into an anime television series, và Season 1 of the series arrived on April 4, 2015. Anime fans just loved the series and soon became obsessed with it. The second season was soon aired in the same year, & ever since, fans have been waiting for the third season lớn drop in! So, here is everything we know about the third season so far.

When Can Fans See "Seraph Of The kết thúc Season 3?"


Seraph of the kết thúc Season 2, which was called Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen, aired for the first time on October 10, 2015, just after the giant success of season 1. The show also had three specials & one original đoạn clip animation (OVA) that aired in 2015 and 2016, which clearly showed how much fans loved the show. However, no matter all the attention the show got, no one has announced anything about the third season. However, there is nothing to worry about as anime series are known lớn take long breaks & gaps before premiering any other season. Therefore, we can hope the season 3 announcement lớn take place anytime in 2022.

Because of the show"s popularity, the anime series has also been dubbed in English by some famous actors because of which the anime has a global audience who loves it.

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What Is The Plot Of Seraph Of The End?

The show shows a fictional universe and revolves around a youngster called Yuuichiro Amane. Amane has had a tragic past as he loses his parents at a very tender age. While he strives lớn adjust and have a better life in the Hyakuyu Orphanage, not only him but the entire human race is struck by a major tragedy. Suddenly a widespread disease grips the world killing everyone over the age of 13. While children mourn for the loss of their loved ones, vampires who used to lie in the dormant underground finally rise up & take over the world by enslaving humanity and becoming the rulers of the Earth.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Ch. 78: A tragic flashback reveals some shocking secrets! Read it for free!

— Shonen Jump (

After four years of tragedy, the Earth is still being ruled by vampires. By now, Yuuichirou and his friends from the orphanage have gotten used khổng lồ their new lives, including vampires being the superior và dominating race. But, there is something different about Yuuichiro, who does not want to lớn surrender in front of the vampires as he dreams of the day when he will kill all the vampires và reclaim his Earth for humanity. Yuuichiro"s fellow orphan, Mikaela Hyakuya, does not get along well with him as he believes that it is much better lớn use ingenuity & cunning lớn survive and avoid the vampires. Mikaela manages khổng lồ gain high-ranking vampires" trust, gains internal knowledge & secrets about the underworld, & plans to use it against the vampires to escape from the underground and return khổng lồ the surface. But his luck had him wronged as while attempting to lớn escape, a vampire officer catches him, và his fellow orphans called Ferid Bathory, who goes on to massacre the orphans.


Fortunately, Yuuichirou escapes the slaughter somehow & finds his way back lớn the surface. Once he reaches the surface, he is found by the Moon Demon Company of the Imperial Demon Army"s a militant organization of humans whose only motto is lớn destroy the vampires for all, freeing humanity from enslavement. More years pass away, Yuuichirou, along with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, stay adamant khổng lồ take revenge on the vampires who killed his loved ones.


The story gets a twist when Yuuichirou reunites with Mikaela, which he thought was dead. Their reunion wasn"t a good one, in fact, lớn his horror, he finds out that Mikaela has turned into a vampire too. Yuuichirou gets all the more reasons to lớn hate the vampires, and he vows to get stronger và destroy the world of vampires who took away his human friend và brought suffering khổng lồ the world. He soon becomes a part of the Imperial Demon Army & starts preparing lớn fight against vampires.

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