Magi’s Grandson is a popular light novel written by Yoshioka Tsuyoshi . The story is translated to English & covers Adventure, Comedy, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural genres. facestock.vn.com releases the latest English translated chapters of Magi’s Grandson & can be read for free.
Thanks to lớn various magic, the human race has been saved from calamity many, many times. Retaining his memories from his previous life, a boy, Shin, was picked up by an old man known khổng lồ the world as a “Magi.”

Shin was brought up by the Magi, who had retired lớn a secular place, as his own grandson. With the memories of his past life, he absorbed the Magi’s craft & grew to lớn be able lớn develop his own magic.

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Then, the grandfather told him he has to become independent when he reaches the age of 15.

“Ah, I forgot khổng lồ teach him common sense.”

The grandson who has grown beyond the level of normal people, lacked common sense; the common sense of the world. So to learn how lớn socialize, he goes to lớn Earlshide Kingdom city to be admitted to lớn Earlshide Advanced Magic Academy.

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Supreme Magus Chapter 223
Lemme get this straight... Everyone knew the academies would be attacked. They also knew the timing of said attack. Why didn"t they organize a better defense? Sure, defensive arrays were known lớn be useless, but what about more people? Where were the army reinforcements? What about the parents, siblings, và relatives of the students? Academy alumni? Why did they need to go to lớn the beasts for reinforcements instead of their own? It makes no sense.Sure, they all had their own duties lớn attend to, but it was only 3 nights. What kind of duty was so important that you couldn"t step away from it for a mere 3 nights in order khổng lồ protect their children? Hell, we can even see it with Jini and Orion here. They told the Crown khổng lồ F off when they were ordered lớn go…
Diair Airship
The Beginning After The over Chapter 398
By innocent victims i mean the slaves and unwanted from alacrya that were shiped lớn dicanthia as canonfodder. They referred to lớn the lances who thought it"s the main attack và fought them with all they got.Of course you could argue about the innocent part as they still invaded a foreign country but they didn"t have much say in the matter.
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per of the Drifting Moon Chapter 42
It was ok not as hype as this tho
The One Who Reads A Lot
per of the Drifting Moon Chapter 41
Damn, lượt thích the translator said MC is a chad
Demonlord Drew
The Beginning After The kết thúc Chapter 398
I meant the mana bộ vi xử lý core from sylvia that nico found in his POV. Of course her coming back to lớn life would be a stretch but i could imagine something like restoring her will. It"s save to asume that nico taking it will play some role in the future.
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